Work Experience by Daisy (15yrs)

When I phoned the Library to see if I could do my work experience there I was very nervous. I was ok with talking to adults, but mainly family, teachers or people in shops. The woman I spoke to was very helpful and put me at my ease on the phone. After about 5 minutes talking to her she suggested I came in after school one day to see her and have a look around.
The library was busier than I expected (and noisier!) and Mary and her library team were very kind and welcoming. There was no need for me to have felt nervous because they were nice people.
They agreed that I could do 2 days Work Experience with them at the library and they showed me what kinds of things I would be doing when I went back there. My teacher got in contact with them and went to see them before i started to make sure everything was ok. When the day came for me to start my Work Experience I actually felt confident because i had already been there and knew what it was like. My first day went really quick and I enjoyed it. My main job was to help put back all the books that people had brought back. I had a trolley with wheels that i pushed around the library and when I wasn’t sure when something went there was always someone to help me. I wish I could have done more than 2 days at the library because i really enjoyed it.
My Work Experience in the library was great. I feel more confident after it and wouldn’t feel so nervous in future.
It is really cool being treated like an adult for 2 days and I really enjoyed being out of school. I think all students should be able to do work experience and shouldn’t be afraid of phoning employers to see if they can help us.

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