Zlinkster Club

Eve (15 yrs)

We’ve just started doing after school Zlinkster club and its a great idea. We’ve been divided up into teams with different jobs to do – like researching employers, contacting them for interviews and …blogging! Looking forward to the clubs and finding out more about work in the real world.


Ben (15 yrs)
Really didn;t know what to expect from Zlinkster Club but enjoyed the first one and looking forward to the next! Watch out for me blogging about different kinds of jobs


Jon (15 yrs)
If you get the chance to sign up for Zlinkster Club then go for it. Wish we’d done this in Year 9 too.


Lucy (15 yrs)
Ive got a job. Im now an interviewer for Zlinkster Club and get to ask people working in business what its really like to do their job and what skills people like us would need to do their jobs. Keep a look out for my interviews



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